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Bridging the Divide #1 | Interview : J.S. Margot, author

July 30, 2020

J.S. Margot’s  memoir, Mazel Tov, "is the story of an extraordinary friendship – in fact several extraordinary friendships that marked the twenties of the author J.S.Margot. At first sight it is the story of a young Flemish woman at university in Antwerp who teaches the four children of an Orthodox Jewish family to earn a bit of extra money. It is also the story of her first great love for an Iranian political refugee. In both cases she is exposed to a culture and religion that is not her own. She also begins to realise that she is on the receiving end of a certain amount of paranoia and suspicion from both her employers and her boyfriend.” — Henrietta Foster, The BookBlast Diary


Presented by Georgia de Chamberet | Produced by Rupert Such

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